Monday, January 17, 2011

Book Review: Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card

Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card
5-star rating

With all honesty, I don’t know what to say right after I finished this book. The book never failed to impress me as it failed my first impression. Yes—my first impression. The fact that I didn’t read yet the Ender’s Game series made me hesitate in pursuing reading the Ender’s Shadow. Credit to Orson Scott for initializing the reason why should I read the book through his well written foreword. Another thing, I’m not deep into novels which set above the earth—or in other words, the outer space. Glad that the book stricken me--not the setting but the story line and the main the protagonist of the book.

Bean is a gifted child. Or is he even a human to be referred a child? When Bean crawled from danger when he was almost one year old, he knew then that he was no ordinary kid. He looks 2-year old kid but the real is he’s 4 years old, yet he thinks at least 10-year old bully. He gets himself a family but soon finds out it wasn’t a good idea because it tends him to escape from the murderer of the person who gave him life—Poke.

Through Sister Carlotta and through Bean’s intelligence, he made it to be a launchie in a Battle School where everyone is trained to be commander of the fleet. No matter how smart he is when all his teachers doubt his ability, he still has to prove something. And the worst of all despite the fact that everyone knows he’s the one who has the highest score in every field, yet it is as though inevitable to be a shadow of another excellent student named Ender.

Proven and tested. This book is a butt-stapler. Once you get hold of this book, you’ll never try to put it down. One reason of why the book a page-turner one is how interesting the main character is. Have you watched Baby’s Day Out movie? If yes, imagine that this book is a way how we’ll know the main protagonist’s—the baby--perspective. Bean himself is a strong catch up that bounds the reader not to miss even a single word of the book.

I admire the personality of Bean that it made me relate myself to him. If you think because I’m smart as him, then you’re stupid like meowing dog. Bean’s intelligence is exceptional that even the readers won’t even guess what had he planned, much less the other characters of the book. His mind is unpredictable, yet prompt. The personality that we shared is how not to snap back when the bullies are up for humiliation and fun. Thus, the only way to cease it is to gain respect and honor.

If I have the list of likable child characters, I now say that Bean is at the top of them as what his ratings did in this book. His way of defeating an enemy is not by killing him/her but by letting the authority to do it without dirt in his hands. His means of winning a battle is not by competing to others, instead sharing of knowledge for unity. Bean is not character of bravery but an image of tactics, intelligence and maturity. That’s the Kid. That’s Bean. That’s my favorite character.

I love the premise of the book. All along reading the book, as if I was with his journey, I realized that all he needed was love and appreciation. However it wasn’t dig deeply in this book, but as you get yourself into the character, you’ll notice the missing piece of his life that though he was scared to have, he was definitely in need of it. I also love how this book ended, even this book is meant for a series, the ending was justifiable break indeed.

I find the book perfect for my taste. From the very first page of the book up to the end is amazement to me. I once said that this book never failed to impress me and I will not hesitate to repeat it all over again. I didn’t pick the wrong book, though I never yet tried reading the Ender’s Game. And because of that, since this book has given also much credit for Ender Wiggin, it’s an exact timing of reading the more precise happened in the battle through reading Ender’s Game.

When 2011 started, I decided to have a basis in giving the books ratings. And apparently, this book passed far beyond my standards. So great that at least, for this month, I have read a much deserved book to have my five stars.

I haven’t suggested yet any books from my previous reviews. And now I dare break it by recommending this to everybody else especially to those who haven’t read yet the Ender’s Game and also to everyone who loves YA sci-fi books. Some of the sci-fi or dystopia books now are no good than a talking mud, but believe me; this book will hunt your obsession and will cause an impact on every cell of your brain.

Friday, January 7, 2011

book giveaway

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Book Review: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

New mysterious student.



Love story.

Crap. Aren’t we all tired of this formula at the beginning? Basically, from what I listed above, you could immediately think of twilight. Thinking about it, it’s really sad that lots of writers do influenced by twilight that no matter how original the concept they have, you could still notice stain from twilight.

However, I’m guessing the authors’ references in making this book are the following:

Twilight. I mentioned it already.

Harry Potter. Remember the twist of Macon? It is the same twist applied into this book as what Rowling did to Severus Snape. Not to mention that Lila spelled like Lily.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Come on tunnels! Who’s your daddy now, Daedalus?

Mortal Instruments. Simon was bit by a vampire, yet able to jerk around under the sun. Please tell me that Link couldn’t do that too.

Other things that I noticed aside from being unoriginal:
The book has a rough transition that evokes every reader how it consists of two authors. 

Look at this, try to skip the first half of the book and you’ll still understand the story because aside from transition, the story is sometimes redundant.

The book has useless scenes and even chapters. As if they were inserted for the sake of making this book lengthy--unnoticing that it caused the book to become a package of boringness.

Despite of the negas I’d written, I liked this book. Why? The concept of this book is quite interesting. The classification of Supernaturals is unique, as well as their abilities. The chants were fascinating, too.

The attack of twists was sudden, even though the clues were given. This book will let you create theories but you’ll end up disappointed to yourself for finding out that you’re wrong. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised and amazed for you won’t notice the twists are coming.

Lastly, I liked this book because it somehow brag something despite of being judge of having unoriginal concepts—the CASTER word itself, much more the world behind it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Update

Happy New Year!
But before anything else, I would like to apologize to you all for being such a liar and and a bad blogger at the same time. I have deleted the my last post that contains the promise that I would give my top five books of 2010. However, I have posted it in the Facebook Page of this blog but my apologies again with the promise of top five pics.
I wasn't able to post the top 5s since I went to my Lolo's (grandpa) hometown and spent my new year with him and with my mom. Unfortunately, there wasn't internet connection that could update my network accounts. 
Well this year, I'm planning on reading a fewer books instead of reading hundreds as what I'm supposed to do before. But since I'm going to take my licensure exam this year, I have to take it seriously because the last board exam was really one of the hardest--based from what I have told.
Luckily, a friend of mine passed the exam! Supposedly, it's a good news, but it turned out to be a bad omen to me. The spotlight is on me now to be the next future engineer. Obviously, I'm pressured at this thought. But what can I promise to you my dear friends is that I will still read this year but fewer than what you think. A new layout of this page is part of this new page!
Let's build a strong 2011!
Once again happy new year!