Friday, January 7, 2011

Book Review: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

New mysterious student.



Love story.

Crap. Aren’t we all tired of this formula at the beginning? Basically, from what I listed above, you could immediately think of twilight. Thinking about it, it’s really sad that lots of writers do influenced by twilight that no matter how original the concept they have, you could still notice stain from twilight.

However, I’m guessing the authors’ references in making this book are the following:

Twilight. I mentioned it already.

Harry Potter. Remember the twist of Macon? It is the same twist applied into this book as what Rowling did to Severus Snape. Not to mention that Lila spelled like Lily.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Come on tunnels! Who’s your daddy now, Daedalus?

Mortal Instruments. Simon was bit by a vampire, yet able to jerk around under the sun. Please tell me that Link couldn’t do that too.

Other things that I noticed aside from being unoriginal:
The book has a rough transition that evokes every reader how it consists of two authors. 

Look at this, try to skip the first half of the book and you’ll still understand the story because aside from transition, the story is sometimes redundant.

The book has useless scenes and even chapters. As if they were inserted for the sake of making this book lengthy--unnoticing that it caused the book to become a package of boringness.

Despite of the negas I’d written, I liked this book. Why? The concept of this book is quite interesting. The classification of Supernaturals is unique, as well as their abilities. The chants were fascinating, too.

The attack of twists was sudden, even though the clues were given. This book will let you create theories but you’ll end up disappointed to yourself for finding out that you’re wrong. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised and amazed for you won’t notice the twists are coming.

Lastly, I liked this book because it somehow brag something despite of being judge of having unoriginal concepts—the CASTER word itself, much more the world behind it.