Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Rank of a Fan

When do you consider yourself a top-list fan of a certain author? Is it only when you’ve read already almost all of his/her works? Is it when you know the personal life of the said author? Or is it only when you know everything about him/her?

I’d been pondering about those questions even before. I, myself, am a dedicated fan of Orson Scott Card. However, I don’t think my addiction over his intelligence when it comes to his works is necessarily served as an excuse to read his works. Believe me, no matter how deep my admiration on him as an author, I judge his books through a rational evaluation. Yes, there are books of his that I don’t really like. But, should it tend my admiration over him to descend? Certainly not! As a reader, I barely count the books that haven’t made me well, those ones instead that let me scream because of their awesomeness.

Some author produces countless of works. Some works may be collaborated with other authors but it should not pressure us to buy all of them even if he/she is listed as our favorite author. As a reader, we should be wise on picking books. When a new book from our favorite author pop up, first we should do is take a glimpse. Read the synopsis/blurb of the book. Second, absorb the plot if it’ll make you. Third, take heed from others’ judgment without spoiling yourself. Fourth is, decide whether to give the book a shot or not. Those are the steps to make a wise pick because no matter how genius the author is when he jumps doing a different genre that you feel awkward trying to, you’ll feel sorry still for yourself at the end.

Knowing about the personal life of an author is just one of the effects of our admiration for them. Contrary, it is not a healthy idea to go over their personal lives when the author actually keeps it private. We should always bear in mind that authors are human and thus they need privacy as well. However, if the information is given, grab the opportunity of its existence.

Perhaps, counting yourself as a top-fan list of your favorite author doesn’t count on how many of his/her books you’ve read. It’s not as well based on how many information we know about the author.  It’s by heart when you love an author and it’s a personal consideration if you rank yourself among the others. Competing with other fans is disease and should be ceased. Befriend them and consider them your brothers instead! It’s you who determine your rank.


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