Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book Review: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull
Five-star Rating


As Kendra and Seth’s parents off to a cruise, they visit their Grandfather Sorenson’s house for one summer vacation. But as they lived in their grandpa’s house, not just the rules are seem to be odd but also the place their grandpa claimed to be his own.

Kendra being the rule bearer and Seth as the rule breaker, one will try to break his grandfather’s rule while one will try to obey the said rule. However, both ways will unveil the secrets behind Fablehaven. And as they venture Fablehaven, they discover creatures and beautiful places but unfortunately set free a force of evil.

It’s been actually three years since I set the space in my bookshelf for this book. When the time I signed up for goodreads, Fablehaven and The Lightning Thief were the books that rocketed on my top wish list. Since The Lightning Thief had stricken first the availability I went for it first. Besides, Fablehaven is a little shy to show up until lately. Three years of waiting for this book is worth it, but more like three years of waiting to be in an updated bookstore is worth it. At last I bought and have read this book after as if a millennium.

I pretty enjoyed this book. I mean I enjoyed this book literally like laughing out loud while I was in my room. I am really light at laughing because I immediately laugh at simple jokes but Jesus! Drop the corny ones and thus the jokes in this book exempt from being corny for once again this book made me laugh.

I truly admire Mull for being magnificent at creating a smooth story flow. As we experienced in other books we are as if bombed in our chair while reading a certain book for a sudden pop up of a concept without a farther or even nearer notice. Drop again this book from the others because this book will not suddenly say “I am a vampire” or “You’re a werewolf”. Mull as if slowly pulled a curtain for gradual recognition and realization of his concept. A hint after hint is a good way of a better acceptance for a reader to immediately sink in the concept.

Since I can’t say other words toward how I’m amazed with this book. All I can offer with this review is just comparison and contrast from the other books. So the next to tackle is the creature in this book—the fairies. Let’s accept it, when we hear fairies all we could think of is a girlish story. Well not all because there are still Artemis Fowl and this book to spare. I couldn’t really understand the authors these days. Why? Other authors, in order for them to show their understanding towards their creature that unfortunately exist already in a mythical history, try to bend the persona of a certain mythical creature by mixing it with love story and thus they think it’s a better introduction for the reader to grasp the new persona they put into the altered mythical creature. Mull quite did an impressive way of showing his fairies without further modification of the creature and even brushing a slight touch of love story. To add my points, almost all of the books I’ve read that have fairies depict only the bad side of them and for a light change, this book has not followed the others.

I highly recommend this book to the readers who enjoyed The Lightning Thief for Rick Riordan is not the only one who can strike you with his books; so does Brandon Mull.

Drink the Milk.


joe said...
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Anonymous said...

I have read this book and its series so many times it's hilarious.

Great Book, Great Author, the Perfect Match.

randomdude said...

Epic >.<

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