Sunday, May 15, 2011

Book Review: Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler

Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler

Whoah! For almost as if a decade I have written again a review. I think I must thank Kai for letting me part of the Playing-Hurt Blog Tour because in the first place I could not have written this review if not only for the tour.
Chelsea Keyes used to live as a basketball superstar in Fair Grove High School but the world seems turned against her when an accident takes back what she got. Fortunately, her boyfriend Gabe is always there to comfort her despite of what happened. When Chelsea meets his trainer, Clint , would she still able to pay back what Gabe has given her even though little by little she’s cheating him?
I haven’t really read a lot of YA Contemporary and I’m currently not in the mood of reading a book. So to sum up those two, equals I didn’t really like the book. However, the books is an easy read one. Yes a plus point but I find it a little slow.  I didn’t find the two point of view of the main characters interesting. I once lost of it the first time I read it.
I’m in the process of jumping over my depression but reading this book as if halted my motion of overcoming it. This book arrived really in a bad timing. Though, I won’t say that I hate this a lot because honestly, if not only of the current situation I’m into, I could have given this book a four star.


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