Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book Review: Obsessed by Ted Dekker

Obsessed by Ted Dekker
4-star Rating


From the beginning, I am very much curious about this book. So I really searched first its author and found out that Ted Dekker—the author—is known for his book entitled Three. However, since the copy I only saw from Dekker is just this book, I searched first for readers’ feedbacks. Honestly, I’ve been picking books up safely these days because eventually, I don’t want to go bashing and ranting some poor books just because they hadn’t made my taste. I’m glad that the feedbacks I’ve read were all so far positive that it got me pursue to read this book.

Stephen Friedman is normally living as a realtor. He inherited a big amount of money from his foster parents to make it way enough for his living. When the rich old woman Rachel Spitzer died and reveals a note that she’s searching for her son while she was alive, Stephen’s life changed. No matter how he denies that he’s the son of the old rich Rachel, gravity as though pulls him towards the house of his late mother. In just a single visit, he didn’t think that he would discover a safe in the house’s basement nor does he know how much it will change his life forever and turn him as obsessed as he never could imagine.

Roth Braun is living as a serial killer. Knowing a Rachel Spitzer died in a newspaper, he is soon requested by his father, Gerhard Braun, who’s also a killer to search for the relics which Rachel had stolen from them. Roth did follow his father’s request, but the main reason he goes for it isn’t for the relics that stolen, but for Stephen whom he has waited for a long time.

Let’s have this straight, I don’t know if I’m just being generous on giving stars these past few weeks since I hadn’t encountered again a book worth bashing. Probably, my safety picking of books has indeed worked. I liked this very much if that’s again you want to hear from me as what I said from my other book reviews.

I rarely read a suspense fiction books and if I do, I’m really much into praying that I’ll be able to read the book through all the way. At first, I thought this was a horror kind of book or a fantasy one. As I make it halfway through, it was impossible for this book to make up for either fantasy or horror and obviously, I still continued reading. Many suspense books had tried me, but they aren’t worthy as putting in a suspense genre. However, when it comes to this book, I assure you one-hundred percent that this will terrify you to the bones; oh-uh not because there are some ghosts in it, but this book has a super strong factor of suspense. There was one time that this book (Obsessed) really made me laugh to the point that my mom asked me if I’d gone nuts and while in the motion of laughing, I immediately closed this book and stopped reading because I’m very much terrified of what might happen next.

Books nowadays have apparently nice titles. But my question is: do the titles of those books make sense to its story? Obsessed is a catching title and fortunately it really gives so much justice to the story. If obsession is what you’re looking for in this story, this book will give you what you’re looking for. I really liked how this book offers different kinds of obsession, how this book gives a connection between fear and hope and how this has been influenced by bible.

Dekker tells different story from different time. And the both stories are really interesting that I kept waiting when the story of either time will be continued. The main thing that got me interested between these stories is how the both stories will cross and make sense after all the turns and confusions it has given me.

This book offers a different kind of love story; a different meaning of destiny. I can’t really imagine how a man finds his destined-to-be out of his obsession. I really enjoyed Dekker’s concept of this book, purely matured but definitely suits to any kind of age. This book has a very impressive writing style—won’t let you bored (as for me). One thing to complete my list, for my whole life of reading, this is one of the books I’ve read that indeed stunned me with its unpredictable twist. I never really see the twist coming that it really amazed me to the point that I’d never almost finished my lunch just because I reached the point of the twist and that made me ponder how it’s gotten there under my nose.

I’m totally not obsessed of this book but I promise to look for Dekker’s other books.


Elisabeth Hirsch said...

Great review.

Rollie said...

Thank you so much Elisabeth. :))))

Anonymous said...

I have only read "The Bride Collector" by the same author. The synopsis sounded promising, but the actual story dragged somewhat.

Rollie said...

Oh. So you've read this book already, too?