Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Review: Scar Night by Alan Campbell

Scar Night by Alan Campbell
Three-star Rating


After reading dystopian books, I never thought I would meet again steampunk books. I’ve seen this book actually in Goodreads and fortunately found a copy in one of our bookstore here. I was lucky then to have this book because some of my friends find this hard to catch one.

Dill is the last angel of his line. Being the last archon tails a heavy consequence. As the age of sixteen, he still doesn’t know how to fly, much less how to fight.  So when the time comes he has to become a temple angel, he meets Rachel Hael—a Spine— assassin.

Carnaval knows how murderer she is as much as the people of Deepgate know. Upon her eagerness to cure herself from killing innocent people during Scar Night, she discovers that killings around the town haven’t just been through her, others are killed to complete a wine she deeply needed to cure the curse she has.

Some of the people I have discussed with this book said they weren’t able to make through all the way with this. As for my part, yes, I have almost given up this book. The first part of the book is metaphor-coated that tends people to become confused and disoriented. The formula also leads the book to boringness that makes the people depreciate it instead. As for the boringness, I did find this book dragging during the first part, at all. Well, since it is Campbell’s debut novel I could say that this book is quite good for a new but not good enough to boil the interest of a reader. Rephrase the first part, and then I could have given my five stars.

However, contrast to the first part, the second and third make up for the lousiness of the previous one. The second part as if makes sense in just a click that got my interest to continue reading the book till the end. This book has even evoked my emotion at the halfway through especially at what happened to Dill. The metaphor lessens that becomes understandable after all.

I was even shocked at how the twist developed at the latter of their journey. This book is pretty good for a steampunk lovers.