Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book Review: Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman

Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman
Five-star Rating


Unwind was supposed to be the book I’m reading first from Neal Shusterman, but when I saw this in our bookstore here in my place, I immediately grabbed this undoubtedly since I was told before by a reader that Shusterman is such an amazing author. So who do you think can resist of searching for his books after hearing such a word?

Blake fears something and he fears to admit that it’s the rides he fears to get in. Some are meant to be survivors, some are not. And some are meant to be a single survivor out of tens, twenties or thirties unfortunately die in an accident. Being the only one survivor of the bus accident when he was a child, it gives him creeps no matter how old he’s now.

Since before, Blake has been Quinn’s—his brother-- butt-savior. Quinn travels to places he sometimes doesn’t know why. One month to go, Blake is going off to college and it obviously mean that he’s leaving Quinn to live with their mom and her new boyfriend. One night Quinn’s gone, left their house but physically in coma, only to find out that his soul is in an amusement park. Would Blake continue to save his younger brother even if it means, riding seven rides before dawn in full tilt?

So far, this is better than the last book of the same author I’ve read. But amazingly these two books have originals concepts. However, this book has gotten my taste more than the other one. I’m very much lucky to notice this book in our bookstore.

I admit that I’m really impressed of this book. The book has what it takes to be a real YA fantasy nowadays. This book has a non-stop full tilt of adventure. Every chapter gives different kinds of excitement and thrills. As if in just reading this book, you have ridden the rides by yourself already. It was an unimaginable thrill of less than twenty-four hours of adventure.

The relationship of Blake and Quinn is normal as any other siblings do with each other—saving the butt of the younger ones, the arguments and even the teasing with each other. However, this book has, in one way or another, added more odd habits and spice to every character to have stronger personalities. The only problem I found out in this book is Shusterman gives no justice at the ending of this book. The story as if hangs in midair, as if halted instantly while in a rush speed of motion. This book needs an additional page or chapter. Nevertheless, this is really great book that I couldn’t put down.


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