Sunday, November 21, 2010

Must Be Watched Pictures/Videos

These are the pictures that really bother me most. If you really want to be sucked, get annoyed or be stumbled laughing, Here are the few "palpak" images I could share with you:

         1. I don't understand what happened here. Just kidding. This is an accident that we shouldn't laugh of. But looking them freeze in motion, to laugh is all what I could do.

       2. This second one only indicates that there are other flavors of saging or banana. I would like to buy a santol flavor of saging. I hope there is one, though.

swimming pool

         3. Is this really possible?

      4. Mighty Morphine Power Dangers.

      5. Apparently, the cat hunts the wrong kind of fish. It turned out that the fish catches the cat instead.

      6. Are they even friends?

        7. I'm really disappointed that this movie didn't come out in our theater. Hmmmn.. Really love the stars: Money Bilyar and Jumpy Maangal.

Attached Image

        8. Our new hero. I'm a fan of him nevertheless.

      9. 2 dollars nalang ang padalang pera mo sa Pinas, eh yung iba?

    10. Finally, the best of all.