Saturday, November 20, 2010

Film Events: Harry Potter 7 part 1 and Death Notes Films

I have watched this movie in the first day of showing. (Philippines November 18, 2010). The movie is actually good. I mean great. Compare to Half-blood prince-which apparently I could say they had ruined the story. In this movie, they cut the scenes that would just make the movie long and boring. I wouldn't say something more about this as I don't want you to be spoiled. But honestly, the latter part of the movie really evoked my emotion. :)


You might say I'm kinda of late (actually really late) movie watcher. Outdated. Yeah, I'll admit that. I've watched this movie last night with my cousins. I first heard about this title with my friends. I'm kinda OP (out of place) when they were chatting about this movie. Curiosity kills. Well, if I get curious about this,would I get killed? I doubt, unless you have the death note. 
Anyway, when I got curious about this movie, I got killed. Kidding. I asked my cousin to look for it, but since we attempted watching this movie through online, we haven't finished it because of some loading problems. 
At last, at this week, my cousin bought a DVD copy of the movie and yes, we watched it!

This movie will make you laugh, admire, think, think again, think better and pee? I guess because this won't let you off from your seats. This movie is really great. I could say that the story was something about battle of the intelligence. 

2 comments: said...

i like the hp 7 part 1 movie... the magical bag is pretty hilarious... yeah. i agree hp 6 is the least fave movie of all the series... God bless.

rollie said...

Yeah.. the magical bag reminds of me doraemon.. :)