Monday, November 29, 2010

Book Review: Tersias the Oracle by G.P. taylor

Tersias the Oracle by G.P. Taylor

London is picking up the pieces after a near-Apocalypse—a comet has just missed the Earth, leaving the city in chaos.The streets have taken on a frenzied air, and swindlers and circus performers have come to town to take advantage of the confusion.

In this time of uncertainty, only the blind boy oracle,Tersias, can see what the future holds. But awareness of his power is growing, and he is captured by Solomon, a false prophet whose purple-robed minions swarm London, looking for disciples. Tersias is just what Solomon needs, and with Tersias under his control, Solomon believes he’s finally in a position to complete his master plan.

Tersias is not without friends—an unlikely alliance of teenage highwaymen and a charlatan magician swear to break down Solomon’s Citadel and rescue Tersias from his clutches. They wonder if Tersias’s power can save them all—but they haven’t realized the source of his second sight, and they aren’t aware of a much darker force that torments his soul . . .


From our shelf, this title exists. Bought and read by my cousin, forewarned me by its simplicity and dullness that could be a total boredom for me. A lithe for other’s choice and words, I ignored this book.

Thanks to Kwesi, who has posted his review before me, for reading this book as well that urged me to try reading this as well.
Who could have thought that I would like this book? A single line flaunted on my mind: 
Their tastes are just for them.

Tersias the Oracle

After reading the book, I found out that the main protagonist of the book isn’t actually Tersias but Jonah—and it really bothered me. After picking the book because of the beautiful title, so does its cover, I was hoping that story will center on Tersias. Yes, he’s one of the major characters but him as the main protagonist? I doubt it. The title is not different form Grover the Underworld and the Lighting Thief, Hermione Granger and Sorcerer’s stone, etc. But of course the authors of these said books didn’t follow the above title. Why? Obviously, a question will arise if they did.

The plots of the book are totally messed up. G.P. Taylor as if held them in his hands and jaculated them at random, resulting a book like this. Apparently, it’s a pejorative in regards with the total package of the book.

Well, I wasn’t bored reading this book as what my cousin expected me to be. And I guess it’s for a one and only reason: I was ready to be bored because I was actually expecting it and luckily, it didn’t happen.

I like this book because:

Why would care?

As what they say this is a Christian-based book.

There are at least some twists that popped my eyes.

This book is about amendments and love.

Yeah. Most of the book that I’ve read lately focuses on love. And this is totally different. 

This book show how love can heal any wounds; how can it change a man’s perspective and how can it overcome things beyond death.