Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Review: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

five-star rating

Rick Riordan:
From his famous Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Riordan created new series that would sustain the thirst of the readers.

His writing is an apparent clue of the real Rick Riordan behind his intelligent writings. His works often point out the relationship between parents and children. Despite the complications of the world he began to enhance, he manages to avert a straight system into his plan without ravaging the original story.

The nature of the gods is to claim their children. Beyond that, chaos would occur. But Riordan changed it without the readers' notice. In just a single oath, everything changes.

The Lost Hero:
Percy Jackson series dwell in the hearts and memory of its avid readers—adults, teens, children. From the unsatisfying conclusion of Percy Jackson’s last installment,Heroes of Olympus arises to answer the hidden secrets and lies behind the Last Olympian book.

Cover to cover; chapter by chapter; page by page; good to better; better to best. That’s what I describe this book. This book consists of open/new problem and old cruxes that had just been neglected. This is a well plotted and breath-taking first installment of Heroes of Olympus. This shows plain clues without thinking of its importance in the latter part. 

Since this is a sequel series, comparison between this and the previous series is quite inevitable. Which is better: The Lightning Thief or The Lost Hero? Which is which? 
Readers should bear in mind that it is like answering a question of, which is more important: right hand or left hand? Over viewing the differences, Riordan made this book perfectly the same as the Lightning Thief. Comparison between the two books iswrong.

The flaw:
Riordan forgot to include some defeats. Well, other might not want it. But a great book needs to have defeats and lessons so that later on, when lessons have been learned, victory will prevail. Nevertheless, this book is still considered as Rick Riordan’s masterpiece.

Readers explore the life of the new three demigods: Jason Grace, Piper McLean and Leo Valdez.